About Me

Dominatrix Soberana Maxima Goddess ProDomme FinDom

the Goddess of your dreams

I am the woman your mother warned you about, dominant and intuitive by nature, intelligent, cunning, skillful and perverse in search of perfection; demanding total adoration, respect and absolute obedience…a true Chilean femme fatale who knows exactly how to make use of all your weaknesses…

This is not a simple game where the submissive decides what he wants. I am only interested in your limits to respect them, I want people who really feel the submission and give themselves with courage and honesty.

If you would have the honor of session with me after you have demonstrated that you are really ready to serve a Goddess like me, I must emphasize that the sessions are totally healthy, safe and there will be a contract agreed and signed previously by both parties.

I will be able to punish you wherever I want, I am very severe, straight, sensual, perverse, fetishist and with a sense of humor and tastes, somewhat different.

I like the staging, slow start, study and know in depth the mind of the submissive. I am very observant and I will always be testing your surrender.

I love to receive tributes of all kinds, from my wish list, payment of bills, money in my paypal account, small tributes like lingerie, manicure, hairdresser, etc, trips, credit card deliveries.

I love to be surrounded by submissives who adore me and only live for and by ME, longing to always keep me happy.

My interests:

  • Financial Domination (FinDom)
  • Worship
  • Sado
  • Bondage
  • Chastity
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Nipple play – Pinching
  • Impact games (spanking, flogging, caning, trampling, crushing, ballbusting, pony-boy, spanking, facesitting, rimming, gagging…)
  • Temperature games (wax, ice, metal…)
  • Genital Torture (CBT/female geni-torture)
  • Humiliation
  • Interrogation
  • Blackmail
  • Role play / Voice play (Role play / Voice play)
  • Urine Control
  • Orgasm Control
  • Forniphilia
  • Foot fetishism
  • Feminization
  • Spitting
  • Misophilia
  • Salirophilia
  • Urolagnia
  • Emetophilia
  • …and my favorites…Butt Plug, Insertables and Pegging

If your fetish is not listed here and is not within My limits; feel free to ask. LIMITS – I do not perform this NEVER: Minors, Animals, Scat or Coprophilia, Asphyxiation, Hypoxia, Mutilation, Castration and Switching.

I am based in Chile.
Slaves of Goddess Dominatrix Soberana Maxima BDSM Session
Soberana Maxima Dominatrix Goddess ProDomme FinDom
Foot Worship Goddess-Soberana Maxima
About me Soberana Maxima Dominatrix Goddess ProDomme FinDom
Foot Worship Slave of Goddess Dominatrix Soberana Maxima BDSM Session


So, you want to become my slave? My time is precious, nobody gets to serve me without paying a price for it.

All new slaves are expected to tribute me to prove their motivation to become enslaved by their only Goddess.

Unlock the gateway to my attention with a tribute that captivates. Attach your proof of tribute and submit a concise letter of introduction. Convince me in a few words why you stand out. Successful applicants will receive the official application form. Your journey begins with a tribute and a compelling introduction.

You will  always refer to me as “Goddess”.

Make sure you follow my Twitter @MaximaSoberana and my Facebook @GoddessSoberanaMaxima.

Applications without tributes will remain unanswered.


You can send your tribute here